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Our story

Welcome to this is me, an inclusive, empowering clothing and accessories brand, thanks so much for stopping by!

I'm Rachel, mum of four (we do have a TV yes) founder of 'this is me' and occasional hair brusher. My eldest, India, is the driving force behind me setting up this brand. India is disabled, and much as it'd be fantastic to say life is a breeze and she only faces the same challenges as non-disabled people, that is far from the truth. We'll share more on our family life in the blog and over on instagram so please give us a follow if you're interested! 

Navigating life with India and having my eyes opened to how truly inaccessible and non inclusive certain areas of life are, not only for disabled people but for others in marginalised groups, has fuelled the fire really. Imagine if one day, 'inclusive settings' and diverse cultures in education or organisations weren't a thing, because they just were inclusive and diverse already and it would be the norm, just embedded  in everyday life, if that makes sense?!

What am I trying to do with the brand?

I've created this is me, not to single handedly do away with the terms equality, diversity and inclusion, but to act as a voice amongst many others, for India and wider groups, to spread awareness and advocate for acceptance of all. It's a movement as well as a clothing brand. Its for everyone who wants to feel seen and heard and for those who want to help spread the word and start conversations, through the clothes they wear.

I've designed a range of clothes and accessories for kids and adults, that let's people wear their stories and support others stories with pride. It's heartfelt, but fun, it's nice to look at but holds a deeper meaning. It's designed to capture attention through subtle designs, and bring people on our journey of awareness, acceptance and advocacy.

We'd love your support 

I hope that doesn't all sound too cliche, but it's why I'm here doing this and I'd love for you all to join me in working towards an inclusive, equal, accessible world for all, one t-shirt, hoodie, backpack at a time :)

Thanks for reading! Enjoy our stuff!